Delicious Solutions™

Introducing a new era of cool…

meet: C.R.E.E.M by Delicious Solutions

Our frozen desserts are shaking up the status quo.

Scroll down to find out how.


Imagine a world where your frozen dessert:

stops food waste &
tastes delicious

Our ingredients are upcycled, sustainable, and good for you.

Our formula?
2 professional chefs + lots of fruits and veggies + a dream of stopping food waste = ice C.R.E.E.M


We’re a strong believer in eating what makes you happy—and what makes you happy can also make the environment happy.

That’s why our ice C.R.E.E.M:

In other words, our ingredients are sourced from local kitchens in NYC, which helps save the planet.


Ingredients that are good for you and
the environment.

Our food system is broken.

But, there’s a solution:

By carefully selecting ingredients that would otherwise be disposed of, we help to alleviate the problem of food waste. We also individually select, touch, and see every ingredient that goes into our frozen dessert—creating a healthier, more natural product.

Every frozen dessert we make includes:


Spent Grain

We work with our supplier, Rise Products, to create a frozen dessert cookie that is comprised of upcycled, sustainable flour. The flour consists of spent grain from local breweries, which create a rich, protein-packed flavor profile for our frozen dessert.


The base of our frozen dessert is
made from the water from chickpeas, which is protein and nutrient rich.
The chickpea water is then whipped with coconut sugar, creating a canvas for our chefs to create vegan ice cream alternatives for customers.


Hemp hearts

We incorporate hemp hearts into our frozen dessert, which are highly nutritious (some consider hemp hearts to be a “super-food”) and give our frozen desserts a distinct nutty tinge. Don’t worry if you have a nut allergy—our desserts are nut-free!