We offer ice creem pints AND
ice creem sandwiches.

Check out our flavors below!

As always, all Delicious Solutions products are plant-based, vegan and utilize upcycled and minimally processed ingredients.

Now introducing: ice creem sandwiches,
available Summer 2019!

Sourcing our ingredients through partnerships with local restaurants and food purveyors, we transform food items that are typically regarded as “surplus” into desserts— evoking the tempting flavors of time honored classics. Our signature base is made from aquafaba and oats, allowing our products to remain dairy, egg and animal protein free.

Ice CREEM Flavors:


Banana Bread

(best paired with bambara cookie)

In restaurant kitchens, overripe bananas mean one thing: BANANA BREAD for a family meal.

With this in mind, we created our banana bread ice C.R.E.E.M, creating a velvet-y frozen dessert, finished with nutty, toasted notes.

Orange Vanilla Chantilly-

(best paired with vanilla cookie)

Childhood vibes. Remember the ice cream truck down the street from you? This simple ode to the vibrant orange and vanilla cream ice pops of our summers combines orange peels from juiceries with raw turbinado sugar, speckled with spent vanilla beans. This fragrant, floral blend becomes the base of our Orange Vanilla Chantilly C.R.E.E.M, rivaling the best ice pop or sherbet that money can buy.

Coffee Stout

(best paired with stout cookie)

As a child, coffee ice cream was “adult” food that was off-limits—that’s how Chef Anna knew it was the good stuff. After becoming hooked on the decadent treat early on, Chef Anna updated the coffee classic to create an indulgent, but healthy alternative. We use a rich chocolate-y stout flour and La Colombe coffee grounds to build a deep, coffee flavor.


Key Lime (limited edition)

(best paired with ale cinnamon cookie)

The season is upon us for tart, tangy, perfectly refreshing key lime pie. The peels of all those tiny little limes need to end up somewhere—and end up in a worthy home they do. We use the fragrant, essential oil rich peels of juiced key limes to flavor into our key lime c.r.e.e.m. The peels can be hard to come by since shops that still juice their own key limes are few and far between, so get them while they last!


(best paired with sunflower seed cookie)

Classic, understated, elegant. Lemon is the universal flavor— the palate cleanser. Perfect as a light, subtle end to any meal.

Cookie Flavors:

Combine flavors to create your own ice creem sandwich!