Key lime pie C.R.E.E.M.sicle

Avocado Lime Semi Freddo 

500g overripe avocado

50g sugar

10g wedge of key lime, peel, pith & flesh

120g aquafaba

60g water

240g sugar

Light spent grain crumble

100g coconut oil

55g sugar

90g all purpose flour

1g kosher salt

90g light spent grain flour

For the crumble:

Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix until homogenous. crumble evenly on a parchment lined sheet tray and bake at 325F for 15-20min in intervals of 5 min, stirring with a spatular between every interval. Remove from oven and cool. When fully cooled, pule in a food processor briefly to achieve an even crumb.

For the semi freddo:

Remove avocado flesh from skins and process in a blender with lime. Transfer to a bowl and set aside. Begin to heat the water and sugar in a small sauce pan to 238F. While sugar is coming to temp, begin whisking aquafaba on medium speed until frothy. When sugar reaches 210, increase aquafaba to high speed. Stream sugar syrup down the side of the mixing bowl, making sure not to hit syrup onto the whisk. Continue whisking to stiff peaks, until mix is cool to the touch. In 3 additions, fold the aquafaba meringue into the avocado base. Pipe mousse into silicon molds of your choice— I used financier molds to get mini pops, which serve as perfect canapés for a summertime garden or pool party. Sprinkle with Set your mousse in the freezer until it is frozen solid, overnight is best to ensure that they release cleanly from the molds. Drizzle with high quality dark chocolate such as Valrhona Caraibe 66% which, due to it’s subtle fruitiness and creamy, cocoa forward finish, provides a perfect balance to the tart, tangy pops.

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