Kvass Brown butter ice cream

Toasted rye Bread Kvass

200g stale rye bread

200g turbinado sugar

100g raisins, black

248g water, distilled

Cut bread into cubes and toast in a skillet,tossing to impart even heat and heating just enough to impart a nutty aroma. Bring sugar and 240g water to a boil to dissolve sugar, remove from heat. Add the remaining water at room temp, to the sugar solution. Place bread and raisins in the bottom of a 2 gallon mason jar and pour solution over bread. Close jar and place in a warm place. Allow to ferment for one week, twisting the jar open to burp the jar then resealing one each day. After one week, strain the Kvass and store in refrigerator until needed. 

Kvass brown butter ice cream

350g kvass

20g brown butter

240g milk

186g heavy cream

236g turbinado sugar 

60g milk powder

12g dextrose powder

1g guar gum

.5g salt

In medium pot, milk, cream and and sugar to a simmer, just to dissolve sugar. While whisking, stream in milk powder and dextrose powder, continuing to stir so that powders to do not sink the bottom of the pot and burn, until all solids are dissolved. Allow to cool and when cool, add kvass and place in a vitamix, stream guar gum and salt into the vortex and blend on high for 30 seconds. Strain and process in a batch freezer according to manufacturer’s instructions. 


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